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Paleo Diet Recipes- Best Weight Loss Meal Plan!

Popular for a long time, the Paleo or Caveman’s Diet has gained a lot of attention with the advent of the Old School New Body weight loss plan. Be successful with you meal planning with this great weight loss and toning up eBook and Workout Guide.

Eat Wholesome Foods

The Paleo Diet is based on the principle that today’s processed foods, along with more modern foods like dairy products, are not as digestible as the original natural foods such as lean meat, nuts and berries. These older staples existed plentifully in Paleolithic times. The idea is to eat what occurs naturally around the area and these foods existed during the time of the hunter-gatherers.

Research into the Paleolithic diet has shown that the original humans were free from chronic illness and diseases that we see all too often in today’s world. Our original ancestors were free from cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis, autoimmune disease and Type II Diabetes, according to Dr. Loren Cordain.

Benefits of Paleo Diet Recipes

People want to be healthy and want to feel healthy at the same time. People want to lose weight too, so the Paleo Diet makes a lot of sense. Several benefits can be gained from the healthy meal plan provided by the Paleo Diet.

  1. Build more muscle
  2. Lose more fat
  3. Healthier digestive tract
  4. Get more nutrients out of food
  5. Lose weight

The Paleo Diet will help you slim down while you tone up with the Old School New Body resistance training program known as F4X. Build as much or as little muscle as you want. Eat the Paleo meal plan of fruits, nuts and lean meat and watch the weight drop.

Feel Healthier

Feel better and live a healthier life with a diet rich in lean protein with little or no processed foods. Get the preservatives out of your life. Too much junk food does not make for a healthy digestive tract. Junk food has been associated with an increased risk of arthritis and other autoimmune diseases.

Get More Nutrients

Want to eat healthier? Eat the Paleo Diet to receive more nutrition from your food. Naturally occurring vitamins and minerals are better absorbed by the body for maximum nutrition and health benefits. Choose from a variety of natural foods to avoid boredom in your meal plan. Select organic foods like free-range chicken.

Lose Weight with Paleo Diet Recipes

Losing weight is a balance every day between the amount of calories you burn and the amount of calories you take in with your meal plan. The Old World New Body program will help you achieve the balance you need. The Paleo Diet will help you consume less unhealthy types of fat and keep you healthy with essential fatty acids from natural foods like walnuts. Consuming healthy whole foods will temper blood sugar swings throughout the day that some people have trouble with while exercising.

Menu Plan

Old School New Body teaches you to eat what you want on the Paleo Diet plan as long as it’s organic whole food. Choose from a selection of fruits and berries, nuts and a variety of lean meats. Make a menu every day with different whole food choices to make it interesting. Above all, stick to your meal plan. Keep a written menu every week, this will help you stay focused.

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