Low Fat Diet For Your Weight Loss

Does losing weight involve eating a low-fat diet? Researchers have found over the past 20 years the low-fat approach is not as straightforward as it was once thought. Often recommended as a preventive for cancer and heart disease, a new outlook on weight loss using a diet low in fat is being seen through results from the Women’s Health Initiative Dietary Modification Trial.

Women’s Health Initiative Low Fat Diet

Beginning in 1993 the initiative studied more than 49,000 women in an eight-year trial to determine what effects could be seen from a low-fat diet on heart disease, colorectal and breast cancer and on weight. The study showed no effect on weight, cancer or heart disease. Researchers are now refocusing what benefit can be realized from proper dietary routines.

How much fat in the diet?

A group of women in the study were asked to reduce their fat intake from 38% of their calorie intake to 20%. A control group of women ate their normal diet. At the end of eight years researchers compared disease and weight loss rates between groups. No difference in weight loss or disease rates was found in the group that lowered their fat intake.

Types of fat

Over the past few years, these types of studies have caused research organizations such as the US Institute of Medicine and the US Dietary Guidelines Committee to move away from recommending low fat intake and to move toward looking at the type of fat we ingest. Recommendations now are focused on replacing saturated and trans fats with natural vegetable oils. A diet rich in nuts and legumes also adds the important essential fatty acids necessary for improved and enhanced health.

When it comes to losing weight, dietary choices are always important, but concentrating on the right type of fat, not the amount, is the most important. Also a key component in any weight loss program is to be mindful of calorie intake from both fat and carbohydrate. One thing the studies agree on is weight gain will increase risks of disease.

Old School New Body

A new way to look at losing weight is suggested by the Old School New Body program developed by Steve and Becky Holman. This program reveals eating a diet low in fat does not necessarily lead to weight loss. We need fat, of course, for essential functions like good nerve health and integrity of cell walls. But more than that, Steve and Becky believe too little fat is a bad thing, making us weaker and sick. Fat is healthy and the type of fat we consume every day is important.

When it comes to weight loss, many different principles are involved. The Old School New Body plan is a great one to follow. Choose the eBook format to learn all powerful secrets to feeling better and looking better soon. Slow down aging, do smart exercising, don’t blame age for your troubles and keep hydrated at all times. These are some of the tips and tools you will find in Old School New Body.

Drinking water is vital to good health and feeling and looking good. Keeping hydrated is an important benefit in suppressing appetite, just another secret you will learn in Old School New Body.

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