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What Is Best Weight Loss Program

People have a continuous struggle with losing weight. Popular society makes it difficult to stay focused and healthy. The advent of the fast food industry in the mid-20th century did not help our waistlines. Losing weight is not just eating less calories, it’s a dedicated program of lifestyle change. Change in eating habits, changing in types of foods, change in lifestyle activities are all important in whether or not we will be successful in a weight loss program.

Eating Habits

Weight Watchers had the right idea many years ago – eat less, weigh in. This is certainly a vital part of trimming calories and inches. How we eat matters too. Are we squirreling away food in our cheeks before we swallow? Are we filling our plates too full and then having a second portion? Curbing appetite does not mean stuffing ourselves to the gills in one sitting so we can last all night long without eating till morning.

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Which Foods Best For Me!

Low-fat, low-cholesterol, high-carbohydrate, no-carbohydrate – everyone has a scheme these days. Research has shown over the last 20 years that low-fat diets do not necessarily lead to weight loss. The US Food and Drug Administration recommends a balanced diet based on “food groups”. The type of foods we include in our diets is all-important in disease prevention and keeping our weight healthy. Maintaining proper balance of foods in all meals has shown we can improve health, slow aging and prevent certain diseases.

Lifestyle Activities

Couch potatoes, listen up! What we do during the week to improve our health and keep our weight in check is an important part of any weight loss program. Whether we like to work out at a gym, play golf, hike or canoe is not important. Staying on track with a program of activity is the significant part of a healthy lifestyle. Take up line dancing or decide to walk to work to end your sedentary life. Think active!

Weight loss programs

Weight Watchers is at the top of the list of best weight-loss diets, according to US News and World Report. People lost more weight on this program. A close second is the HMR Diet, highly recommended by hospitals and medical professionals. The Biggest Loser Diet takes third place with a recommendation that it works well over the long term. Jenny Craig made fourth on the list with an emphasis on emotional support. Fifth on the Best Weigh Loss Program List is the Raw Food Diet with the premise that one simply eats less when eating raw foods.

Should I Select Old School New Body!

With weight loss programs focusing on controlled food plans, weighing in and eating only certain types of foods, it is so refreshing to see a weight loss program that focuses on total well-being. The Old School New Body program will enlighten you to look at regaining your optimal health and slow aging in a five-step program. Strategies to improve our total well-being focus on forgetting about low-fat, staying hydrated, don’t kill yourself working out, don’t blame age for your problems and do “smart” exercising.

Editor-in-chief of the Iron Man Magazine, Steve Holman and his wife, Becky, gives us this wonderful new approach to healthy living. In an eBook format you can find the tips and tricks that will make you feel like a thriving person again, eager to make the world work for you. If you want to more, you should checkout old school new body features.

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