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Do You Want Lose Weight in a Week With Old School New Body ?

If you are over 35, Old School New Body is for you. Spend 90 minutes a week to lose weight with Old School New Body. Your time is valuable so don’t waist it trying programs that have long workouts and extreme diets. Lose weight with less effort in less time.

Why Lose Weight?

Not only do we want to feel good, we want to look better and reap the health benefits that go along with losing weight. When you start Old School New Body, you will feel better in one week and your health benefits will start immediately. Physicians tell us any amount of weight loss will immediately give us less risk of disease. The American Cancer Society recommends weight loss to lower our risk of certain cancers.

Rapid Weight Loss with Diet

In a week pounds can be shed with certain small changes to diet. Concentrate on the glycemic index of your food selections. Low-glycemic numbers will help you achieve the fastest weight loss. Eat more vegetables which have low numbers and eat smaller portions of proteins which have higher numbers.

Don’t Starve Yourself

It’s important to eat the nutrition you need. For one week you might want to cut down on carbohydrates, eat smaller portions of potatoes, pasta and rice. While lowering your carbs, you can increase your protein amounts with 7 ounces of meat rather than 3 to 5 ounces. Remember to eat those veggies and factor in a small amount of fruit everyday for vitamins and minerals.

Don’t Skip Meals

This is important. You don’t want to create a bad diet plan of skipping meals in the hopes that you will drop weight faster. Skipping meals can lead to wide swings in blood sugar causing hypoglycemic episodes. Some people respond to these episodes with more food than they normally would have consumed in one day. Calories then skyrocket.

Get Your Mind Ready

Psych yourself up to start your week’s weight loss plan. Effective weight loss, weight that will stay off, is a mind-over-matter phenomenon. Think thin. Plan your meals by writing them down in advance. Look your

diet over to see if you want to make any changes. When you are ready to implement your new diet, think about your menu at different times during the day. Psych yourself up like an athlete before a big game.

Tone Up with the F4X Method

In Old School New Body you will learn about the resistance training program called F4X. In your first week you will spend less time working out and you will feel better. While you are finishing your resistance workout, others are just finishing their warmups and you’re on your way to living a healthier lifestyle with a weight loss program.

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